Bellegrove United Methodist Church Cemetery, North Annville

The following survey of the Bellegrove United Methodist (formerly Evangelical United Brethren) Church cemetery, located in North Annville Township, Lebanon County, PA, was originally compiled by Christine E. Weaver and submitted to the Lebanon County Historical Society in 1974 as part of her Cemeteries of North and South Annville. Steve Brokenclaw updated that survey on Christmas morning 2007. In both cases, the survey was done by transcribing all visible grave markers, with the exception of those which exist for people who are not deceased.

Some of the maiden names, precise dates, and other notes were added to this list by Steve Brokenclaw in 2007 for clarity but are not part of the grave markers. The cemetery is commonly called the Bellegrove North Cemetery, to differentiate it from the Lutheran Church (South) cemetery.

SURNAME, Name (maiden)BornDiedNotes
ALLEMAN, Agnes L.22 Apr 188026 Jun 1880dau of John & Elizabeth
ALLEMAN, Benjamin4 Dec 179417 Aug 1871 
ALLEMAN, Elizabeth (Backenstose)18 Jan 184328 Aug 1927wife of John
ALLEMAN, Jennie10 Mar 187527 Feb 1896dau of John & Elizabeth
ALLEMAN, John16 Mar 184510 Jul 1924 
ALLEMAN, Leonard1 Dec 179922 Jan 1869 
ALLEMAN, Sarah (Sager)19 Jan 18244 Apr 1886wife of Benjamin
ANSPACH, Emma E. (Wagner)5 Mar 18581 Jul 1944wife of Jacob
ANSPACH, Jacob14 Mar 184917 Jan 1921 
BACKENSTOSE, John29 Oct 17975 Dec 1881 
BACKENSTOSE, Lydia (Hix)6 May 18137 May 1892wife of John
BECK, Adam R.7 Sep 191318 Aug 1933son of George & Carrie
BECK, Carrie V. (Kleinfelter)6 Feb 187922 Feb 1957wife of George
BECK, George E.23 Mar 187315 Nov 1957 
BECK, William D.6 Aug 190515 May 1978 
BENSING, Harry H.10 Oct 192612 Jul 2007 
BENSING, Sarah L.B.28 Apr 192517 Dec 1999wife of Harry H.
BERRIER, Ada N. (McGill)11 Sep 188420 Mar 1963wife of John G.
BERRIER, John F. 17 Oct 1912son of John & Ada
BERRIER, John G.27 Apr 188029 Jan 1937 
BIXLER, Herbert L.2 Apr 18994 Feb 1991 
BIXLER, Sadie I. (Blauch)6 Oct 189816 Aug 1981wife of Herbert L.
BLATT, David I.14 Aug 18773 Apr 1936 
BLATT, Ellen F. (Wagner)8 Jan 187418 Nov 1949wife of David
BLAUCH, Amos B.2 Mar 186513 Jun 1931 
BLAUCH, Clifford R.26 Feb 192113 May 1972 
BLAUCH, Donald C.26 Feb 19214 Mar 1994 
BLAUCH, Ellen M. (Miller)28 Jun 186727 Mar 1944wife of Amos
BLAUCH, Elva M. (Light)24 Oct 190029 Jan 1987wife of Marlin L.
BLAUCH, Harold W.15 Jan 191630 Apr 2001 
BLAUCH, Marlin L.22 Aug 190225 Mar 1975 
BOLTZ, Adam W.22 Jul 185620 Feb 1922 
BOLTZ, Edwardunknunkn 
BOLTZ, John K.18571913 
BOLTZ, Maryunknunkn 
BOLTZ, Mary E. (Miller)18661942wife of John
BOLTZ, Sallie M. (Frank)13 Nov 185620 Jul 1943wife of Adam
BOMGARDNER, Adam A.18 Mar 190930 Jul 1913son of Adam & Lau.
BOMGARDNER, Adam H.18821964 
BOMGARDNER, Laura (Kleinfelter)18841942wife of Adam
BOMGARDNER, Sarah E. (Fritz)22 Jun 185816 Apr 1906wife of Thomas
BOMGARDNER, Stella I. (Reese)3 Jan 190729 Sep 1987 
BOMGARDNER, Thomas27 May 185722 Sep 1927 
BOMGARDNER, William H.26 Mar 190327 Jun 1996 
BOUGHTER, Hazel E.18981963wife of Russell
BOUGHTER, Russell M.18971959WW I & II Capt AAF
BREWER, Anna L. (Miller)5 Feb 190625 Jun 1981wife of Harry
BREWER, Harry16 Apr 189922 Dec 1946 
BREWER, Harry T.18 Feb 192510 Mar 1993 
BREWER, Ralph W.25 Nov 19262 Aug 1980WW II US Navy
BROUGH, Elizabeth185314 May 1863dau of Henry & Rebecca
BUCK, C. Elizabeth (Baumgardner)21 Apr 19135 Jul 1985wife of Herman
BUCK, Herman23 Jan 190812 Sep 1990 
BUFFENMEYER, Mary (Hostetter)14 Jun 19333 Oct 1988wife of Kenneth
BYLE, Alice C.18741943wife of Wm. Frank
BYLE, Earl H.19 Jan 189914 Sep 1957 
BYLE, Katie5 Sep 188818 Jul 1961wife of Earl
BYLE, Wm. Frank18681933 
CONDRAN, Elsie M.2 Sep 19281 May 1995dau of John H. & Tillie
CONDRAN, Tillie (Beck)11 Oct 190210 Mar 19822nd wife of John H.
EBERSOLE, Ralph12 Sep 188117 Mar 1882son of Jacob & Mary
FERNSLER, Henry2 Feb 182127 Jan 1865 
FERNSLER, Sarah (Haupt)14 Jan 181924 Mar 1864wife of Henry
FLOWERS, Henry E.19231951WW II Korea 1st Cav
FLOWERS, Terry Lee2 Mar 194711 Mar 1994Vietman USAF
FORNEY, Amanda (Imboden)28 Nov 182714 Jun 1907wife of Ephraim
FORNEY, Ephraim5 Dec 182725 Oct 1902 
FORTNA, Clarence H.1 Apr 189511 Dec 1986 
FORTNA, Cora A. (Himmelberger)18 May 189616 Nov 1988wife of Clarence H.
FRANK, Benjamin Henry7 Jan 18658 Aug 1866son of Henry & Catherine
FRANK, Catherine9 Jan 181814 Jul 1888wife of Joseph
FRANK, Catherine S. (Fishburn)24 Oct 183812 Nov 1897wife of Henry M.
FRANK, Henry22 Aug 179722 Apr 1871 
FRANK, Henry M.15 Nov 18365 Apr 1882 
FRANK, John M.11 Apr 184121 Sep 1864son of Joseph & Catherine
FRANK, Joseph30 Apr 181120 Mar 1870 
FRANK, Lydia (Mark)19 Dec 180414 Apr 1874wife of Henry
FRANK, Mary28 Jul 180417 Oct 1873 
FRITZ, Amanda (Hershberger)10 Mar 186225 Apr 1908wife of Ephraim
FRITZ, Charles6 Nov 182818 Sep 1908 
FRITZ, Ephraim20 sep 186014 Dec 1915 
FRITZ, Sarah (Wagner)25 Jul 183118 Jun 1918wife of Charles
GERBERICH, Alvin G.19231968WW II Pfc AAF
GERBERICH, Grace (Hostetter)29 Aug 189813 Aug 1994wife of Harry G.
GERBERICH, Harry G.22 Jan 189730 Jun 1951 
GINGRICH, Dale Schell27 Mar 19357 Jan 1958US Navy
GINGRICH, Esther M. (Schell)18 May 191323 Feb 1982wife of Harold W.
GINGRICH, Harold W.16 Feb 191522 Mar 1974 
GRAVES, William E.29 Oct 19315 Nov 2008 
GUNDRUM, Edna G.31 Oct 189721 May 1954 
GUNDRUM, Eve26 Nov 183823 Dec 1910 
GUNDRUM, Jacob C.S.5 Sep 186525 Oct 1944 
GUNDRUM, Myrtle17 Feb 189322 Jan 1962 
GUNDRUM, Mary A. (Walmer)22 Oct 186424 Aug 1925wife of Jacob
HACKMAN, Sarah S.3 Dec 182620 Apr 1861wife of Rev. Henry E.
HAGY, Harry W.18881959 
HAGY, Katie W.18941962wife of Harry W.
HALDEMAN, Eva I. (Gundrum)1 Mar 190120 May 1990wife of John F.
HALDEMAN, John F.18 May 189927 Mar 1979 
HALDEMAN, Margaret E.30 Nov 19227 Mar 1926dau of John & Eva
HALDEMAN, Robert B.13 Jul 193913 Jul 1950son of John & Eva
HEILMAN, Adaline17 Apr 185811 Nov 1863dau of Moses & Mary
HEILMAN, George Henry 18 Aug 1863son of Moses & Mary
HEILMAN, Mary Alice1 Jan 186027 Jul 1860dau of Benjamin & Leah
HEIN, Ralph6 Sep 193029 May 1988 
HEIN, Ruth M. (Buck)12 May 193327 Feb 1959wife of Ralph
HERSHBERGER, Daniel12 Jun 182214 Jul 1863 
HERSHBERGER, Elizabeth (Runkel)11 Apr 182729 Apr 1907wife of Daniel
HERSHBERGER, John Adam7 May 185912 Apr 1907son of Daniel & Elizabeth
HERSHBERGER, Lavina20 Sep 18565 Aug 1899 
HILL, Mary S. (Walmer)28 Feb 189618 May 1976 
HILLEY, Augustus13 Jan 18663 Aug 1868son of Henry & Elizabeth
HILLEY, Elizabeth (Snoke)14 Feb 183514 Mar 1893wife of Henry
HILLEY, Henry16 May 183429 Jun 1906 
HILLEY, Henry Adam6 Aug 185914 Aug 1871son of Henry & Elizabeth
HILLEY, Jennie May21 Apr 18977 Jul 1897dau of Henry & Elizabeth
HILLEY, Paul28 Apr 18959 Aug 1895son of Henry & Elizabeth
HILLEY, Urias27 Jun 185717 Apr 1862son of Henry & Elizabeth
HORST, Aaron L.5 Mar 185319 Feb 1910 
HORST, Barbara (Sherk)10 May 185610 Aug 1919wife of Aaron
HORST, Cyrus S.21 Oct 187728 May 1896son of Aaron & Barb.
HORST, Ellen B.18 Aug 18985 Jul 1906dau of John & Ida
HORST, Ida S. (Alspach)16 Jul 187613 Sep 1902wife of John S.
HORST, John L.23 Jul 190913 Mar 1925son of John S. & Winona
HORST, John S.7 Oct 187527 Feb 1917 
HORST, Margaret J. (Beamer)19112005wife of Dr. Elmer
HOSTETTER, Aaron7 Apr 185714 Aug 1932 
HOSTETTER, Albert H.11 Apr 18987 Oct 1970 
HOSTETTER, Albert L.1 Sep 192814 Sep 1961 
HOSTETTER, Allen L.1 Jan 190728 Aug 1986 
HOSTETTER, Amanda28 Oct 18562 Dec 1856dau of Abraham & Louisa
HOSTETTER, Betty M.22 May 192620 Jul 1956 
HOSTETTER, Carl H.4 Mar 193020 Nov 1996 
HOSTETTER, Carmina (Wagner)31 Oct 18959 Oct 19733rd wife of Leroy
HOSTETTER, Catharine (Long)9 Aug 185831 May 1922wife of Aaron
HOSTETTER, Dora J.23 May 193124 Nov 1931dau of Albert & Mary
HOSTETTER, Dorothy (Goodyear)25 Jan 19088 Dec 1980wife of Lloyd A.
HOSTETTER, Henry A.16 Aug 193426 Oct 1935son of Albert & Mary
HOSTETTER, Jeffrey Lynn10 Sep 195724 Aug 1958son of Albert & Jane
HOSTETTER, Kathryn (Mockel)22 Jun 190819 May 19892nd wife of Albert H.
HOSTETTER, Katie (Light)18 Jan 18885 Oct 1975wife of Penrose S.
HOSTETTER, L.Ellen (Hartman)22 Oct 19126 Apr 1998wife of Mark J.
HOSTETTER, Leroy31 Aug 189513 Feb 1962 
HOSTETTER, Lloyd A.24 Dec 190916 Feb 2009 
HOSTETTER, Martha M. (Fortna)19 Sep 19083 Apr 1981wife of Allen L.
HOSTETTER, Mary S. (Light)11 Dec 18967 Mar 1958wife of Albert H.
HOSTETTER, Penrose S.31 Dec 18821 Nov 1958 
HOSTETTER, R. Wagner10 Nov 192423 Jan 2004 
HOSTETTER, Ruth E. (Lerch)26 Oct 192727 Jul 2002wife of Harold E.
KERR, Elnora19271930dau of Willis & Pheonie
KERR, Phoenie18941975wife of Willis
KERR, Violet19301931dau of Willis & Pheonie
KERR, Willis E.18881965 
KNOLL, Ida1 Mar 187323 Dec 1873 
KRUM, Calvin D.15 Dec 18667 Dec 1936 
KRUM, Emma M. (Yordy)11 Mar 18942 Sep 1933wife of Henry F.
KRUM, Geraldine G. (Ruhl)20 Sep 19223 Aug 1996wife of Mahlon Y.
KRUM, Henry F.30 Mar 189422 Oct 1972 
KRUM, Lizzie F. (Frank)5 Jun 18634 Jun 1940wife of Calvin D.
KRUM, Mahlon Y.18 Apr 191916 Jan 2007WW II Sgt US Army
KRUM, Violet C.29 Dec 188923 Nov 1968 
LANDIS, Levi F.18431897PA 127 Regt Co C
LANDIS, Sarah L. (Knoll)17 Dec 184616 Mar 1914 
LEIVIG, Maria14 May 18474 Apr 1905wife of William
LEIVIG, William K.7 Apr 183828 Apr 1900 
LEESE, Anna (Walmer)18841979wife of Oscar B.
LEESE, Jeanette W.19071973wife of Walter W.
LEESE, Oscar B.18831936 
LEESE, Walter W.19061992son of Oscar & Anna
LONG, Clarence H.17 Sep 192429 Aug 1979 
LONG, Lester H.1 Dec 191714 Oct 1988 
LUTZ, Lana E.19402005 
MARK, Alice S.7 Apr 18701 Jul 1875dau of John & Annie
MARK, Annie Jane13 Apr 186427 May 1864dau of Jacob & Hettie
MARK, Annie M. (Hoffer)26 Jun 18491 Aug 1900wife of John G.
MARK, Amanda E. (Clark)13 Jul 18426 Nov 1861wife of Jacob H.
MARK, Augustus22 Oct 185320 Aug 1857son of Jacob & Amanda
MARK, Carrie I.14 Dec 186114 Feb 1862dau of Adam & Sarah
MARK, David H.18 Dec 181312 Dec 1892 
MARK, Delila Rebecca18 Jan 185716 Apr 1857dau of David & Rebecca
MARK, Elizabeth (Borgner)25 Dec 184023 Apr 1873wife of Henry T.
MARK, Elizabeth A. (Seltzer)18411925wife of Henry G.
MARK, Eve8 Jul 1797illeg 
MARK, George A.20 Sep 181218 May 1863 
MARK, George H.12 Apr 18153 Mar 1877 
MARK, George S.31 Aug 186831 Jan 1869son of John & Annie
MARK, Henry13 Oct 18106 Jun 1868 
MARK, Henry G.18391910 
MARK, Infant 7 Apr 1860son of Jacob & Hettie
MARK, Infant 26 May 1863son of Jacob & Hettie
MARK, John G.4 Apr 184511 Nov 1912GAR
MARK, Levi A.30 Jan 188018 Nov 1881son of John & Annie
MARK, Lydia (Van Read)19 Nov 182114 Aug 1892wife of George A.
MARK, Lydia Ann (Wolf)27 Nov 18163 Feb 1905wife of Henry
MARK, Mamie E. (Gilbert)18771958wife of Melanchton
MARK, Mary7 Dec 183026 Jan 1857 
MARK, Melanchton S.18721952 
MARK, Nancy20 Nov 17881 Jun 1868wife of Henry
MARK, Ralph N.18 Nov 188120 Feb 1882son of John & Annie
MARK, Rebecca (Tennis)9 Jul 18145 Apr 1876wife of David H.
MARK, Sarah (Fulmer)5 Jun 185322 Jun 18772nd wife of Henry T.
MARK, Sarah (Gundrum)21 Sep 181826 Apr 1884wife of George H.
McGILL, B. Frank18 Jan 18638 May 1950 
McGILL, Cora A.30 May 186225 Jun 1943wife of B. Frank
MILLER, Alice M. (Feeman)20 May 188412 Feb 1936wife of Thomas
MILLER, Annie21 Oct 18965 May 1911dau of George & Annie
MILLER, Annie (Funk)9 Feb 186226 Nov 1925wife of George
MILLER, Archibald12 Oct 182220 Jan 1913 
MILLER, Bertha M.21 May 19115 Jan 1993 
MILLER, Catharine (Yeager)12 Apr 183219 Dec 1895wife of Archibald
MILLER, Ella27 Feb 189328 Jun 1914dau of George & Annie
MILLER, Franklin13 Aug 186015 Sep 1894son of Arch. & Catharine
MILLER, George15 Aug 185611 Mar 1917 
MILLER, George I.17 Nov 187928 Dec 1977 
MILLER, Harvey E.28 Dec 19139 Nov 1930son of George & Rosie
MILLER, John A.20 Feb 185116 Sep 1900 
MILLER, Katie Y.31 Dec 189027 Mar 1910dau of George & Annie
MILLER, Lydiaillegillegdau of George & Annie
MILLER, M. Rosie (Koons)20 Jun 18878 Dec 1979wife of George I.
MILLER, Mabel Irene25 Jul 189114 May 1908dau of Thos. & Rosie
MILLER, Mary5 Jan 189915 Jan 1915dau of George & Annie
MILLER, Rosie (Nye)26 Apr 185212 Feb 1931wife of Thomas
MILLER, Ruth A.16 Dec 191217 Jan 1922 
MILLER, Thomas7 Oct 185227 Mar 1897 
MILLER, Thomas12 May 18843 Feb 1965 
MILLER, Thomas F.8 Apr 192513 Jun 1998WW II Korea US Army
MOYER, Charles B.17 Oct 18801 Jul 1973 
MOYER, Cora M. (Horst)29 Aug 191417 May 1986 
MOYER, David J.30 Dec 19233 Mar 1932son of D.W. & Myra
MOYER, David W.6 Aug 188219 Sep 1962 
MOYER, Herman C.18 Dec 190913 Jan 2001 
MOYER, Kathryn E. (Krum)9 Apr 191724 May 2006wife of Herman C.
MOYER, Leroy S.3 Dec 191618 Jul 1987 
MOYER, Lloyd J.27 Apr 19189 Sep 1932son of Charles & Maggie
MOYER, Maggie S. (Wagner)2 Aug 187828 May 1968wife of Charles
MOYER, Martha J. (Miller)19 Jun 190530 Jul 1924wife of Ira W.
MOYER, Myra J. (Heisey)1 Sep 188919 May 1984wife of David W.
MOYER, Naomi K.3 May 19261 May 1927dau of D.W. & Myra
NAGLE, Carol D. (Goss)9 Mar 195118 Jun 1991wife of Ronald J.
NAGLE, Donald A.28 Aug 194319 Nov 1995 
NAGLE, Herbert D.16 Jun 191922 Jul 1994 
NAGLE, Mary E. (Bomgardner)7 Mar 19161 Apr 1989wife of Herbert D.
NEIDICH, Alma C. (Hostetter)21 Jul 192213 Jun 1997 
NEIDICH, Carl12 Oct 18781 Jun 1954 
NEIDICH, Carl H.10 Apr 191017 Dec 1966WW II Sgt AAF
NEIDICH, Henry A.16 Dec 19206 Jul 1990WW II Pfc US Army
NEIDICH, Lyle G.15 Apr 194129 Aug 2006 
NEIDICH, Marna Lee 20 Jul 1950dau of Henry & Alma
NEIDICH, Maria9 Mar 188212 Dec 1969 
NEIDICH, Michael L.12 Sep 196725 Aug 1983son of Lyle & Donna
NEIDICH, Rebecca Lyn 12 Sep 1955dau of Henry & Alma
NOLL, Leah (Rader)18 May 18163 May 1905wife of Michael
NOLL, Michael B.19 Jun 181919 Jan 1897 
NOLL, Pearsonilleg20 Jun 1874GAR PA Regt Co C
NYE, Howard L.28 May 19303 Apr 1989 
OLLAR, Mary F.20 Apr 18911 May 1961wife of Samuel
OLLAR, Samuel A.29 Nov 18853 Jan 1962 
PATTESON, Alva M. (Peery)14 Nov 191020 Sep 1994wife of Clarence R.
PATTESON, Clarence R.15 Jan 19078 Jun 1986 
RASP, Elizabeth (Henning)24 May 18778 Feb 1857wife of John W.
RASP, John R.27 Jan 189930 Aug 1930 
RASP, John W.9 Apr 187712 Aug 1951 
RASP, Mary (Miller)5 Apr 190217 Feb 1988wife of John R.
RASP, Millard C.19222002 
REESE, George14 Mar 18864 Jun 1925 
REESE, Lavina (Kleinfelter)28 Jun 188625 Dec 1921wife of George
REIGEL, Harry L.29 May 198430 Dec 1956 
REIGEL, John W.27 Dec 190811 Dec 1968 
REIGEL, Lizzie M. (Moyer)12 May 19114 May 1972wife of John W.
REIGEL, Lizzie R. (Wagner)1 Dec 188827 Oct 1964wife of Harry L.
REIGEL, Nancy L.7 Jul 194027 May 1995wife of Paul U.
RHOAD, Jacob12 Oct 183614 Jan 1911PA 209 Regt Co K
RUNKEL, Barbara (Backenstose)16 Dec 183814 Nov 1892wife of George W.
RUNKEL, Catharine21 Sep 183512 Feb 1872 
RUNKEL, Charles H.23 Dec 189616 Sep 1897son of GeorgeH. & Am.
RUNKEL, Foster A.26 Jul 18912 Aug 1891son of George H. & Am.
RUNKEL, George30 Jun 179610 Sep 1861 
RUNKEL, George W.18 Oct 183831 Jan 1897 
RUNKEL, John H.20 Apr 184031 Mar 1918 
RUNKEL, Lydia Ann (Fernsler)4 Nov 184510 Jul 1902wife of John H.
RUNKEL, Mary A.28 Sep 18336 Jun 1915 
RUNKEL, Rebecca (Wagner)1 Sep 18039 Oct 1868wife of George
RUNKEL, Rebecca29 Oct 192825 Aug 1899 
RUNKEL, Thomas13 Mar 183717 Aug 1855son of George & Rebecca
SANDERS, Hannah3 Nov 182711 Jul 1886wife of Joseph
SANDERS, Lizzie M. (Anspach)25 Sep 188517 May 1935wife of John S.
SCHELL, George18901973 
SCHELL, Mae (Blauch)18901978wife of George
SHAAK, Calvin R.19 May 189927 Feb 1998 
SHAAK, Elizabeth S. (Krum)31 May 190313 Jan 1995wife of Calvin R.
SHULTZ, Michael D.14 Sep 196710 Oct 2003 
SHERK, Charles E.18901978WW I
SHERK, Elizabeth (Light)26 Feb 183418 Feb 1900wife of John K.
SHERK, Emma S. (Boeshore)18811961wife of Charles E.
SHERK, Emma S. (Fritz)3 Jan 186814 Oct 1962wife of Jacob E.
SHERK, Jacob E.29 Mar 18652 Feb 1949 
SHERK, Jay19011901son of Jac. & Emma
SHERK, John K.1 May 183129 Jan 1913 
SHERK, Ralphie18971898son of Jacob & Emma
SHOEMAKER, Kayla14 Jun 20012 Oct 2001 
SHOOP, Martha W. (Horst)24 Mar 190727 Feb 1940 
SNOKE, Mary3 Apr 183131 Dec 1875 
SNYDER, Dwayne Matthew29 Jan 199020 Feb 1990 
SPANGLER, J. Lawrence6 Apr 188428 Mar 1952 
SPANGLER, Mabel22 Nov 188721 Jan 1974wife of J. Lawrence
SPECK, Evelyn M. (Fogleman)14 Jul 191331 Jul 1979wife of Roy C.
SPECK, Roy C.16 May 191026 Jul 1984 
STEPHEN, Benjamin E.14 Oct 186919 Dec 1918 
STEPHEN, Elmina S. (Walmer)18 Jun 187120 Jan 1919wife of Benjamin E.
STRAYER, George2 Jul 178826 May 1864 
STRAYER, Nancy (Boltz)21 May 17984 Nov 1869wife of George
STROUP, Catherine (Neidich)19 Dec 19026 Mar 1993 
STRUPHAR, Ammon J.18991993 
STRUPHAR, Ammon J. Jr.19221978 
STRUPHAR, Annie M. (Light)18841970wife of Ammon J.
STRUPHAR, Cora E. (Kreiser)16 Dec 189711 Jun 1986wife of Henry B.
STRUPHAR, Daniel30 Jan 190414 Feb 1904son of John H. & Lizzie
STRUPHAR, Grace Lizzie7 Jun 19087 May 1909dau of John H. & Lizzie
STRUPHAR, Henry B.24 Jan 189827 Jun 1985 
STRUPHAR, John H.26 Mar 18771 Nov 1918 
STRUPHAR, Katherine (Blouch)6 Feb 19109 Dec 1960wife of Lester G.
STRUPHAR, Lester G.5 Jun 191021 Dec 1944 
STRUPHAR, Linda Mae 18 Jun 1944dau of Ammon & Dor.
STRUPHAR, Lizzie (Bomgardner)16 Sep 187026 Feb 1924wife of John H.
STRUPHAR, Martha A.15 Oct 19052 Aug 1998 
STRUPHAR, Ralph H.7 Jul 192430 Dec 2006 
STRUPHAR, Ruth E. (Ebersole)13 May 192415 Sep 1984wife of Ralph H.
STRUPHAUR, Herman T.11 Feb 190221 Aug 1989 
SWARTZ, Verna A. (Miller)17 Nov 190924 Jul 1978 
TICE, Annie L. (Mease)28 Jul 18918 Jan 1982wife of Charles M.
TICE, Betty A.4 Dec 19293 Apr 1931dau of Charles & Annie
TICE, Charles M.27 Apr 188914 Aug 1958 
TICE, Edwin H.30 Jul 186529 Aug 1942 
TICE, Emma G. (Doutrich)1 Nov 189125 May 1962wife of Landis E.
TICE, Grace L.11 Aug 19244 Feb 1925dau of Charles & Annie
TICE, Julia 10 Jul 1913dau of Landis & Emma
TICE, Landis E.9 Oct 18914 Apr 1986 
TICE, Millard R.21 Oct 191722 Oct 1917son of Chas. & Annie
TICE, Minerva N. (Landis)9 Aug 186811 Apr 1915wife of Edwin H.
TICE, Winona A. (Leaman)4 Aug 187425 May 19642nd wife of Edwin H.
UMBERGER, Amanda S.19081986wife of Rev. Grant J.
UMBERGER, Rev. Grant Jay19061973WW II US Navy
VAN REED, Susannah7 Jan 179922 Feb 1864wife of Henry
VIA, Clinton Eugene9 Dec 194912 Sep 1974 son of Paul and Evelyn
VIA, Crystal Crystle Lynn1964 19541964 1954 dau of Paul and Evelyn
WAGNER, Annie (Horst)16 Aug 18706 May 1944wife of J. Grant
WAGNER, Elmira (Matterness)5 Oct 183318 Oct 1901wife of Henry M.
WAGNER, Harold E.12 Nov 19148 May 1996 
WAGNER, Helen V. (Doutrich)10 Jan 19148 Apr 1984wife of Paul E.
WAGNER, Henry M.15 Jul 182715 Sep 1897 
WAGNER, Ida S.22 Feb 187218 Jul 1939 
WAGNER, J. Grant21 Apr 18666 Mar 1953 
WAGNER, John A.9 Mar 185623 Sep 1922 
WAGNER, Joseph11 Aug 184121 Oct 1923 
WAGNER, Lloyd P.12 May 193825 Jun 1938 
WAGNER, Mark E.12 May 193813 Dec 1938 
WAGNER, Mary A. (Sherk)11 Jul 18598 Dec 1920wife of John A.
WAGNER, Paul E.26 Sep 191226 Feb 2000 
WAGNER, Sarah Ann (Ulrich)12 Aug 184322 May 1883wife of Joseph
WALMER, Adam S.29 Mar 185627 Feb 1927 
WALMER, Anna E. (Ebling)28 Apr 186117 Jul 1941wife of Amos S.
WALMER, Amos S.21 Mar 186010 Oct 1944 
WALMER, Catharine24 Feb 18258 Jan 18992nd wife of Henry F.
WALMER, Catharine C. (Weidner)2 Mar 185416 Apr 1942wife of Adam S.
WALMER, Cyrus E.7 Oct 189617 Jul 1919 
WALMER, David S.3 Feb 18691 Nov 1948 
WALMER, Henry F.14 Dec 18286 Jan 1912 
WALMER, Henry V.5 Feb 189726 Mar 1897 
WALMER, John G.24 Aug 19042 Sep 1906 
WALMER, Katharine A. (Keller)21 Mar 18717 Apr 1939wife of David S.
WALMER, Susannah (Snoke)14 Jan 18292 Mar 1888wife of Henry F.
WALTER, Amanda3 Dec 186023 May 1862dau of Henry & Susannah
WALTER, David18491856son of Henry & Susannah
WILHELM, John3 Jun 180112 Aug 1873 
WILHELM, Katharine27 Mar 179620 Jun 1867wife of John
WINTERS, Mabel V. (Beck)12 Feb 19004 Feb 1999wife of Norman K.
WINTERS, Norman K.31 Dec 189712 Apr 1960 
YIENGST, Miriam G. (Wagner)13 Dec 19065 Oct 1982wife of Russell L.
YIENGST, Russell L.23 Nov 19085 Apr 1966 
YINGST, Amanda10 May 185629 Aug 1857dau of Simon & Sarah
YINGST, Sarah (Deininger)6 Dec 183223 Oct 1897wife of Simon
YINGST, Simon9 Jun 182529 Mar 1895 
YORDY, Anna L. (Seigrist)15 Mar 188212 Jul 1934wife of J. Henry
YORDY, Catharineillegillegdau of John & Catharine
YORDY, Catharine Leah20 Nov 191010 Mar 1913dau of J.Henry & Anna
YORDY, Daniel R.24 Aug 190521 Mar 1994 
YORDY, J. Henry30 Aug 18827 Sep 1955 
YORDY, Jacob25 Apr 185822 Jun 1931 
YORDY, John David28 Sep 191213 Jun 1976 
YORDY, Leah (Kreider)9 Sep 18591 Mar 1940wife of Jacob
YORDY, Robert D.4 Apr 192721 Jun 1929 
YORTY, John Mark1 Feb 19208 Apr 2000 
ZIMMERMAN, Herbert H. Jr.7 Feb 19498 Feb 1949 


This transcription originally appeared online at which is no longer online. It has been added here in order that the transcription not be lost.

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