Kauffman’s United Methodist Church Cemetery, Annville

The following survey of the Kauffman’s United Methodist Church cemetery, located in North Annville Township, Lebanon County, PA, was originally compiled by Christine E. Weaver and submitted to the Lebanon County Historical Society in 1974 as part of her Cemeteries of North and South Annville. The survey was then updated by Steve Brokenclaw in the spring of 2008 by . In both cases, the survey was done by transcribing all visible grave markers, with the exception of those which exist for people who are not deceased.

The cemetery was originally part of the Kauffman Mennonite Meeting House, with burials as early as 1773, and there are dozens of stone markers which are now completely illegible. Some of the maiden names, precise dates, and other notes were added to this list by Steve Brokenclaw in 2008 for clarity and are not part of the grave markers.

SURNAME, Name (maiden)BornDiedNotes
ALBERT, Annie R.28 Jun 188327 Sep 1967wife of J.Perry
ALBERT, J.Perry Sr.23 Oct 18674 Nov 1930 
ALBERT, Lurine R.20 Sep 19194 Mar 1954dau of J.P & Annie
ALBERT, Theodore R.20 Oct 190729 Sep 1921son of J.P. & Annie
BARTO, David 28 Mar 1885son of Ed. & Margaret
BEIDLER, Anna24 Mar 18047 Feb 1837 
BIELY, Adam23 Jun 17976 Jul 1853 
BIELY, Cathrine6 Jul 18451 Nov 1845 
BIELY, Lovina23 Jan 185029 Jun 1850 
BIELY, Malinda23 Mar 18391 Jul 1839 
BLAUCH, Cathrine6 Sep 182519 Nov 1849dau of Samuel & Rebecca
BLAUCH, Levi U.24 Aug 185328 Jan 1928 
BLAUCH, Rebecca22 Oct 179713 Mar 1840wife of Samuel
BLAUCH, Samuel3 May 179525 Jul 1852 
BLOUCH, Alice M.2 Apr 186210 Nov 1872dau of Geo. & Rebecca
BLOUCH, George3 May 182110 May 1863 
BLOUCH, John M.25 Jul 184924 Sep 1864son of Geo. & Rebecca
BLOUCH, Mahlon A.23 Apr 185115 Jul 1911 
BLOUCH, Mary28 Oct 185530 Dec 1856dau of Geo. & Rebecca
BLOUCH, Rebecca (Uhler)29 Aug 18205 Sep 1911wife of George
BOERKSEN, Helena Barbara9 Dec 18536 Nov 1858dau of Jacob & Mary
BOWMAN, E. Fay (Ginder)22 Jul 191623 May 2004wife of J. Alfred
BOWMAN, Earl G.19 Aug 19117 Aug 1913son of George & Mamie
BOWMAN, George C.27 Jan 189116 Oct 1987 
BOWMAN, J. Alfred8 Mar 191719 Oct 2000 
BOWMAN, Mamie R. (Meyer)26 Jan 188921 Oct 1958wife of George
BROWER, Anna May 20 Sep 1811 
BROWN, Elizabeth (Shord)17 Sep 184531 Dec 1915wife of Henry
BROWN, Henry W.18 Mar 184422 Dec 1876G.A.R.
BROWN, Leah25 Jul 18767 Jul 1901dau of Henry & Elizabeth
CONRAD, Anna19 Jan 18525 Sep 1853dau of Samuel & Lovina
CONRAD, David22 Oct 185330 Jul 1854son of Samuel & Lovina
CONRAD, Henry22 Jun 18522 Oct 1852son of Samuel & Lovina
CONRAD, Lovina16 Nov 182423 Jan 1856wife of Samuel
CONRAD, Rebecca (Biely)24 May 182217 Jul 19082nd wife of Samuel
CONRAD, Samuel25 Oct 18233 Jul 1902 
DOHNER, Johan25 Feb 184810 Mar 1848 
DOUTRICH, Edna E. (Meyer)17 Aug 1901Sep 1993wife of Jacob
DOUTRICH, Jacob H.17 Oct 1899May 1977 
DUNDORE, Frederick30 Apr 178830 Aug 1864 
DUNDORE, Nancy13 Jan 17997 Oct 1873 
EBERSOLE, Martha J. (Bowman)10 May 192726 Aug 1987wife of Melvin
EBERSOLE, Melvin H.19 Feb 192815 Sep 1986 
ELLENBERGER, Alice R. (Umberger)11 Nov 188110 Apr 1949wife of Harry
ELLENBERGER, Alma13 Aug 191625 Dec 1916dau of Irwin & Kathryn
ELLENBERGER, Ammon Eugene20 Jun 19037 May 1912son of John & Bessie
ELLENBERGER, Amos J.17 Apr 190528 Feb 1983 
ELLENBERGER, Anna10 Dec 177830 Mar 1851 
ELLENBERGER, Barbara22 Jun 185412 May 1909dau of Joseph & Mary
ELLENBERGER, Bessie R. (Brough)14 Dec 188231 Dec 1931wife of John M.
ELLENBERGER, Christie M.23 Aug 18757 May 1952dau of Joseph & Mary
ELLENBERGER, Edward D.8 Feb 19254 Dec 1926son of John & Bessie
ELLENBERGER, Elisabeth15 Mar 177620 Jan 1832wife of Henrich
ELLENBERGER, EmmaSep 1893Sep 1893dau of John & Mary
ELLENBERGER, Harry8 Feb 187331 Jul 1951 
ELLENBERGER, Harvey M.4 Nov 187718 Jan 1945 
ELLENBERGER, Henrich13 Jun 17776 Sep 1838 
ELLENBERGER, Henry7 Sep 183912 Jul 1849son of Henry & Maria
ELLENBERGER, Infant 26 May 1960dau of John A. & Ruth
ELLENBERGER, Irwin E.22 Jun 189124 Jun 1962 
ELLENBERGER, Johannes25 Sep 18416 Jan 1842son of Jos. & Maria
ELLENBERGER, John A.25 Feb 191411 Oct 1996 
ELLENBERGER, John Adam18801881son of John & Mary
ELLENBERGER, John H.8 Aug 184512 Jun 1928 
ELLENBERGER, John M.1 Oct 187913 May 1966 
ELLENBERGER, Joseph26 Jul 181427 Jul1898 
ELLENBERGER, Joseph F.5 Feb 18433 Jan 1910 
ELLENBERGER, Josephine H.10 Jan 1913Jan 1975wife of J. Vernal
ELLENBERGER, J. Vernal12 Jun 1907Nov 1979 
ELLENBERGER, Katie18881889dau of John & Mary
ELLENBERGER, Kathryn G. (Bordlemay)30 Jun 189526 Feb 1934wife of Irwin
ELLENBERGER, Lizzie18711873dau of John & Mary
ELLENBERGER, Mable18891890dau of John & Mary
ELLENBERGER, Marion I. (Snavely)5 Dec 19064 Nov 1997wife of Paul
ELLENBERGER, Mary (Forney)5 Feb 181424 Aug 1904wife of Joseph
ELLENBERGER, Mary (Gingrich)28 Aug 19008 Sep 19832nd wife of Irwin
ELLENBERGER, Mary (Mark)5 Sep 183911 Mar 1914wife of Joseph F.
ELLENBERGER, Mary (Yordy)13 Jan 185125 Jan 1922wife of John H.
ELLENBERGER, Mary Ann5 Jan 184916 Apr 1899dau of Joseph & Mary
ELLENBERGER, Morris L.4 Sep 19235 Mar 1982 
ELLENBERGER, Morris M.7 Mar 18856 Mar 1966 
ELLENBERGER, Paul S.24 Nov 190010 Jun 1954 
ELLENBERGER, Pauline (Hausman)14 May 19167 Jan 2009wife of Amos
ELLENBERGER, Ralph Brough30 Mar 19128 Apr 1912son of John & Bessie
ELLENBERGER, Ruth E. (Bowman)4 Aug 191627 Nov 2007wife of John A.
ELLENBERGER, Simon Joseph19 Jan 188524 Nov 1908son of John & Mary
ELLENBERGER, Yetta E.25 Feb 19251 Aug 1978 
ELLENBERGER, Yetta (Light)27 Nov 188912 Dec 1977wife of Morris
EMERICH, Daniel26 Dec 182215 Dec 1902 
EMERICH, Louisa (Benson)15 Apr 18231 Oct 1899wife of Daniel
FORNEY, Catherine Ann28 Apr 184425 Dec 1867dau of Moses & Mary Ann
FORNEY, John S. 14 Jan 1865son of Moses & Mary Ann
FORNEY, Lizzie 11 Mar 1867dau of Moses & Mary Ann
FORNEY, Mary Ann (Struphar)26 Mar 181928 Feb 1900wife of Moses
FORNEY, Moses11 Dec 181516 Aug 1897 
FRANK, Elisabeth12 Nov 182610 Mar 1850dau of John & Susanna
FRANK, Susanna29 Nov 180515 Jun 1875wife of John
FRANK, John11 Feb 179626 Jan 1881 
FUNK, John S.23 Mar 186731 Aug 1957 
FUNK, Rebecca S. (Herr)29 Aug 18669 Dec 1944wife of John S.
GINGRICH, ElisabethNov 176610 Dec 1836wife of Heinrich
GINGRICH, HeinrichDec 1742Dec 1809Revolutionary War
GORDON, Rosanna (Long)6 Feb 184515 Mar 1866wife of William
HEIMULLER-LIGHT, Arno19071990 
HEIMULLER-LIGHT, Luise19111982wife of Arno
HERR, Abraham S.28 Jun 186827 Oct 1936 
HERR, Albert C.16 Dec 188928 Aug 1890son of C.S. & Annie
HERR, Albert J.18811888unkn
HERR, Christian S.4 Aug 182827 Jun 1904 
HERR, Christian S.18 Dec 186916 Jul 1841 
HERR, Cyrus A.18911893unkn
HERR, Elizabeth F. (Ellenberger)27 Mar 185724 May 1950wife of Michael
HERR, Elizabeth F. (Granger)5 Jul 186918 Feb 1951wife of Abraham
HERR, Harvey E.17 Oct 188716 Aug 1910 
HERR, John H.18951898unkn
HERR, Jonas20 May 18654 Apr 1867son of Christian & Sabina
HERR, Mary M. (Meyer)1 Jan 186924 Dec 1955wife of Christian S.
HERR, Michael S.11 Jan 18593 Mar 1915 
HERR, Monroe S.17 Mar 18602 Mar 1926 
HERR, Sabina (Snyder)3 Aug 183619 Jan 1911wife of Christian S.
HERR, Samuel C.18831888unkn
HERR, Samuel Meyer1 May 190030 Oct 1949WW I
HERR, William24 Jun 187110 Sep 1871son of Christian & Sabina
HORST, Almeda K. (Meyer)28 Oct 191125 Jan 1998wife of Lloyd
HORST, Barbara8 Aug 18568 Aug 1857dau of Peter & Frances
HORST, Cyrus11 Mar 185924 Jul 1860son of Peter & Frances
HORST, Frances (Light)6 Feb 18299 Jun 1900wife of Peter
HORST, Lloyd B.24 Apr 191024 Apr 1995 
HORST, Peter4 Aug 18214 Sep 1877 
HOUSER, George E.2 Feb 188221 Jan 1965 
HOUSER, Mary Ella (Sherk)16 Sep 188527 Jun 1947wife of George
HOUTZ, Beatrice M. (Bowman)19171949 
HOUTZ, Isaac S.5 Jan 18587 Sep 1860son of Jackson & Rosanna
HOWER, Hilda J. (Houser)4 Dec 19098 Oct 1996wife of M. Luther
HOWER, M. Luther19061999 
KARMANY, Elizabeth (Light)3 Nov 18245 Mar 1850wife of William
KAUFFMAN, Abraham17411824Revolutionary War
KAUFFMAN, Daniel10 Mar 180817 Dec 1810son of Abraham & Elisabeth
KAUFFMAN, Earl H.18 Apr 191528 Oct 1991descendant of Frederick
KAUFFMAN, Frances E. (Prutzman)26 Oct 191913 Feb 2000wife of Earl
KAUFFMAN, Jacob17801815 
KAUFFMAN, Jacob21 Feb 180131 Jan 1840 
KAUFFMAN, Magdalena (Sherk)1741unknwife of Abraham
KAUFFMAN, Rebeccaunknunkndau of Abraham & Elisabeth
KELLER, Andrew27 Nov 187511 Dec 1875son of Valentine & Veronica
KELLER, George 6 Feb 1868son of Valentine & Veronica
KELLER, Margaret 5 Sep 1873dau of Valentine & Veronica
KELLER, Valentine F.24 Jun 184518 Jul 1901Pa Vol 200th Regt Co F
KELLER, Veronica (Meyer)4 Oct 183713 Feb 1882wife of Valentine
KLINE, Bennevell13 Jan 182021 Nov 1905 
KLINE, Elias15 Aug 186719 Feb 1873son of Bennevell & Mary
KLINE, John25 Jul 181131 Dec 1859 
KLINE, Leah (Landis)28 Aug 181429 Jun 1852wife of John
KLINE, Mary (Light)29 Jul 182027 May 1884wife of Bennevell
KLEINFELTER, Clara9 Feb 18133 Aug 1866consort of Samuel
KLEINFELTER, Clara3 Aug 186616 Dec 1866dau of Samuel & Clara
KNOUSE, Catherine (Boyle)8 Dec 17948 Apr 1876wife of Jacob
KNOUSE, Jacob25 Jun 179514 Nov 1879 
LANDIS, MaryOct 17825 Jul 1853wife of Peter
LENGLE, Elizabeth M.7 Aug 18837 Dec 1916wife of Joseph
LENGLE, Joseph6 Feb 187614 Jul 1917 
LESSLEY, Elisabeth2 Sep 17951 Apr 1874 
LIGHT, Aaron12 Dec 182019 Feb 1897 
LIGHT, Alice26 Nov 185621 Aug 1865dau of Aaron & Fanny
LIGHT, Amanda (Mark)14 Oct 184125 Apr 1923wife of Jacob F.
LIGHT, Anna31 Jul 184113 Aug 1842unkn
LIGHT, Anna (Hostetter)13 Oct 189530 Mar 1988wife of Kreider
LIGHT, Anna C. (Alquist)19192007wife of Milo
LIGHT, Emma (Reese)30 Dec 186618 Feb 1951wife of John Felix
LIGHT, Emma L.29 May 18548 Jun 1854dau of Aaron & Fanny
LIGHT, Fanny (Over)23 Aug 182513 Dec 1906wife of Aaron
LIGHT, Herbert7 Aug 19289 Sep 1982 
LIGHT, Infants 1926sons of Vernon & Mary
LIGHT, Jacob11 Jul 179718 Jan 1865 
LIGHT, Jacobunkn11 Jun 1851son of Jacob & Mary
LIGHT, Jacob F.9 Feb 18381 Jul 1897 
LIGHT, John Adam27 Aug 18688 Sep 1868son of Aaron & Fanny
LIGHT, John Felix8 Aug 18656 May 1947 
LIGHT, KreiderAug 189317 Sep 1950 
LIGHT, Mary (Kreider)13 Dec 190215 Feb 1986wife of Vernon
LIGHT, Mary (Longenecker)180329 Mar 1849wife of Jacob
LIGHT, Milo30 Mar 18864 May 1957 
LIGHT, Reese6 Nov 189028 Jan 1891son of John F. & Emma
LIGHT, S. Elma (Baird)9 Sep 1898Jun 1976wife of Wayne
LIGHT, Vernon20 Sep 190011 Feb 1987 
LIGHT, Wayne27 Oct 189125 Jun 1963 
LYTLE, Carmina (Light)18871951wife of Thomas
LYTLE, Milo K.19151916son of Thomas & Carmina
LYTLE, Thomas B. Jr.22 Mar 191928 Nov 1921son of Thomas & Carmina
MAULFAIR, Malcolm C.27 Oct 19216 Aug 2008 
MAULFAIR, Ruth M. (Meyer)7 Jan 192624 Dec 1995wife of Malcolm C.
MEYER, Abraham10 Aug 182120 Oct 1898 
MEYER, Agnes A. (Ward)1 Nov 18593 Sep 1903wife of H. Lenich
MEYER, Albert Claude28 Nov 189619 Jun 1958Pfc Medical WW I
MEYER, Almeda L. (Herr)18 Aug 188730 Jun 1956wife of Irvin C.
MEYER, Amanda Louisa15 Dec 18671 Sep 1868dau of Rudolph & Elizabeth
MEYER, Anna (Light)17281792wife of Rudy
MEYER, Annie Catharine18 Dec 18593 Sep 1863dau of Samuel & Lydia
MEYER, Arthur C.2 Jan 191031 Dec 1972 
MEYER, Bertha H. (Plasterer)8 Aug 190031 Mar 1985wife of Simon E.
MEYER, C. Ellen2 Sep 185312 Mar 1929dau of Abraham & Elisabeth
MEYER, Caroline16 Nov 183529 Dec 1911wife of Henry
MEYER, Caroline27 Feb 185727 Sep 1857dau of Henry & Caroline
MEYER, Catharine (Keller)9 Jul 179623 Dec 1884wife of John
MEYER, Catherine9 Nov 18034 Dec 1857consort of John L.
MEYER, Clinton L.14 Mar 187713 May 1929 
MEYER, Cora A. (Wagner)8 Feb 186911 Feb 1941wife of Eri L.
MEYER, Daniel25 Apr 1831unknson of Johan & Catharina
MEYER, Earnest H.4 Jan 19132 May 1931son of Oscar & Katie
MEYER, Elisabeth18 Mar 183122 Dec 1866wife of Abraham
MEYER, Elisabeth4 Jul 186519 Jun 1894dau of Abraham & Elisabeth
MEYER, Elizabeth (Krall)28 Jul 18456 Mar 1912wife of Rudolph
MEYER, Elmira Lydia6 Apr 186123 Aug 1863dau of Samuel & Lydia
MEYER, Eri8 Feb 18453 Dec 1863Ill Cav 11th Regt Co D
MEYER, Eri L.31 Dec 18648 Jun 1954 
MEYER, F. R.7 Apr 17999 Apr 1799child of Rudy & Anna
MEYER, H. Lenich13 Sep 185510 Dec 1945 
MEYER, Harry Wagner4 Dec 18942 Mar 1895son of Eri & Cora
MEYER, Henrich4 Mar 17567 Oct 1820Revolutionary War
MEYER, Henrich12 Mar 1797Dec 1825 
MEYER, Henry20 Feb 18235 Jun 1862 
MEYER, Henry Ward15 Sep 18839 Jun 1885son of H. Lenich & Agnes
MEYER, Irvin H.15 Mar 191410 Sep 2003 
MEYER, Irvin C.11 Mar 188725 Oct 1948 
MEYER, Iva May3 Mar 18914 Nov 1906dau of Simon & Lizzie
MEYER, Jacobunkn25 Mar 1835son of Henrich & Anna
MEYER, Jacob Oscar11 Feb 186325 Mar 1865son of Abraham & Elisabeth
MEYER, John25 Feb 18321832son of Johan & Catharina
MEYER, John4 Sep 17876 Apr 1860 
MEYER, John L.1 Mar 180112 Mar 1865 
MEYER, John L.4 May 182515 Sep 1870son of John L. & Catherine
MEYER, John L.25 Nov 187014 Sep 1941 
MEYER, Joseph5 Apr 18274 May 1857son of John L. & Catherine
MEYER, Katie M. (Hitz)3 Jan 18922 Jun 1971wife of Oscar S.
MEYER, L. I.17711773dau of Rudy & Anna
MEYER, L. T.17941796dau of Rudy & Anna
MEYER, Lizzie S. (Herr)23 Dec 18626 Apr 1925wife of Simon
MEYER, Lydia19 Apr 183417 Jun 1908wife of Samuel
MEYER, Maria Ward13 Oct 189518 Apr 1990 
MEYER, Mary R. (Ellenberger)24 Jul 19188 Sep 1997wife of Irvin H.
MEYER, Martin H.4 May 19086 Jun 1988 
MEYER, Miriam (Ginder)31 Jul 191327 Feb 1985wife of Martin H.
MEYER, Nathan Hale7 Jul 189411 Feb 1895son of H. Lenich & Agnes
MEYER, Nora May5 Dec 18927 Feb 1893dau of Eri & Cora
MEYER, Oscar H.20 Apr 19243 Mar 1946son of Oscar & Katie
MEYER, Oscar S.22 Oct 18929 Aug 1968 
MEYER, Paul E.13 Jan 192131 Jan 1921son of Simon E. & Bertha
MEYER, Rose Ann6 Mar 188820 Feb 1891dau of H. Lenich & Agnes
MEYER, Rudolph21 Aug 184022 Jan 1887 
MEYER, Rudy17241783Revolutionary War
MEYER, Simon E.22 Jun 189931 Mar 1984 
MEYER, Samuel4 May 182520 Jun 1898 
MEYER, Samuel T.13 Aug 187125 Mar 1938 
MEYER, Simon J.18 Aug 185719 Sep 1919 
MEYER, Tillie S. (Funck)10 Oct 18767 Oct 1925wife of Samuel T.
MEYER, Verna J.17 Jun 191722 Feb 1993 
MEYER, Veronica1 Jan 176621 May 1813wife of Henrich
MEYER, William V.16 Apr 185920 Jan 1935 
MILLER, Abner E.18781896son of Martin & Elizabeth
MILLER, Harry e.18721891son of Martin & Elizabeth
MILLER, Raymond C.14 Jun 19311 Aug 1978 
MOYER, Barbara2 Nov 176126 Nov 1806wife of Martin
MOYER, Cornelius C.21 Nov 18649 May 1939 
MOYER, John Jacob18 Sep 187229 Dec 1944 
MOYER, Levi14 Mar 182513 Aug 1879 
MOYER, Martin31 Mar 175910 Dec 1832 
OVER, Catharina (Yordy)18 Jan 180128 Jan 1874 
OVER, Christina9 May 183812 May 1838unkn
OVER, John7 Mar 179929 Oct 1864 
OVER, Henry3 Oct 182222 Jun 1891 
OVER, Lidia1 Nov 18511 Sep 1853dau of Johann & Veronica
OVER, Veronica (Light)14 Apr 180112 Aug 1873wife of Johannes
RUFF, Anna Maria (Arndt)15 Feb 180915 Feb 1879wife of John
RUFF, John R.unknunkn 
RUFF, John27 Feb 184427 Sep 1851son of John & Anna
SCHERK, Anna11 Jun 18273 Sep 1849 
SCHERK, Anna 25 Mar 1861dau of John & Elisabeth
SCHERK, Johannes14 Mar 178226 Aug 1859 
SCHERK, Joseph19 Nov 18125 Feb 1843 
SCHERK, Veronica22 Feb 178418 Jan 1856wife of Johannes
SELLERS, Annie Lizzie14 Dec 186217 Feb 1868dau of I. U. & Amanda
SHAUD, Abraham7 Dec 18213 Aug 1882 
SHAUD, Alice E.28 Oct 186129 Oct 1861dau of Abraham
SHAUD, David2 Jan 18529 Apr 1909 
SHAUD, Elizabeth (Over)12 Feb 182130 Mar 1899wife of Abraham
SHAUD, John25 Feb 186426 Feb 1864son of Abraham
SHERK, Elisabeth (Kauffman)18061895wife of Jacob
SHERK, Fannie (Bomberger)20 Jan 185919 May 1939wife of John Henry
SHERK, Jacob18051867 
SHERK, Jacob M.10 Nov 185916 Sep 1887 
SHERK, John E.13 Dec 18094 Feb 1865 
SHERK, John Henry22 Mar 18538 Apr 1940 
SHERK, Joseph E.4 Dec 189830 Dec 1904son of John Henry & Fannie
SHERK, Mary M. (Kohr)14 Jan 183414 Sep 1904wife of Moses
SHERK, Mary (Wenger)2 Feb 182311 Sep 1908wife of John E.
SHERK, Moses14 Oct 182730 Apr 1895 
SHERK, S. Matilda (Snyder)18 Sep 18631 Dec 1952wife of Jacob M.
SHIMP, Alverta (Bowman)27 Apr 19108 Jan 1945 
SHORT, Samuel20 Aug 18208 Apr 1893 
SHORT, Susanna (Shook)10 Feb 18148 Jun 1869wife of Samuel
SHOUD, David15 Jan 182820 Jul 1867 
SNOKE, William H.9 Oct 184721 Dec 1862son of George & Mary
SPANG, Levi C.5 Mar 191424 Dec 2001 
SPANG, Marion E. (Meyer)28 Jan 19162 Oct 1978wife of Levi
STARRY, Sandra M.19421976wife of Thomas G. Jr.
STRUPHAR, Catharine3 Sep 179626 Jul 1865consort of Daniel
STRUPHAR, Daniel15 Dec 179714 Dec 1879 
STRUPHAR, George23 Dec 175928 Jun 1846 
STRUPHAR, Magdalena5 Dec 183511 May 1853dau of Daniel
STÜFFER, Maria16 Dec 184513 Apr 1865 
TRANSUE, Edith (Meyer)9 Feb 1903May 1988 
WARD, Annie G.18 Dec 186317 Mar 1943 
WENGERT, Maria (Scherk)11 Aug 174512 Jul 1813 
WENGERT, Martinunkn30 Oct 1855 
WINTER, Laura8 Jan 18708 Feb 1870dau of Wm & Mary
WINTERS, Levi9 Jan 181928 Dec 1888 
WINTERS, Lydia7 Nov 186418 Sep 1865dau of Levi & Sarah
WINTERS, Mary8 Mar 187227 Apr 1874dau of Levi & Sarah
WINTERS, Sarah (Snavely)27 Apr 182726 Jan 1900wife of Levi
WINTERS, Sarah3 Sep 184912 Oct 1859dau of Levi & Sarah
WOOD, Andrew Jackson15 Apr 182613 Feb 1912 
WOOD, Catharine (Ensminger)3 Apr 182530 Jan 1852wife of A. Jackson
WOOD, Roseanna (Knouse)4 Mar 182823 Oct 18912nd wife of A. Jackson


This transcription originally appeared online at http://northann.brokenclaw.net/gen/cemetery-kf which is no longer online. It has been added here in order that the transcription not be lost.

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