Water Works United Methodist Church Cemetery, North Annville

The following survey of the Water Works United Methodist Church cemetery, located in North Annville Township, Lebanon County, PA, was originally compiled by Christine E. Weaver and submitted to the Lebanon County Historical Society in 1974 as part of her Cemeteries of North and South Annville. Steve Brokenclaw updated the original survey in the summer of 2006. In both cases, the survey was done by transcribing all visible grave markers, with the exception of those which exist for people who are not deceased.

Some of the maiden names, precise dates, and other notes were added to this list by Steve Brokenclaw for clarity but are not part of the grave markers.

SURNAME, Name (maiden)BornDiedNotes
ADAMS, Alva R. (Snavely)26 Jan 191617 Jan 1986wife of Merlin
BALDWIN, Edwin D.19131986 
BALDWIN, Eva M. (Smith)19081979wife of Edwin
BARR, Alice (Lewis)8 Apr 186726 Sep 1899wife of Edward
BARR, Christian5 Apr 18385 Mar 1907 
BARR, Edward C.14 Oct 18653 Feb 1924son of Christian and Jane
BARR, Jane E. (Conrad)7 Mar 18488 Mar 1917wife of Christian
BLOUCH, Adam E.30 Sep 18588 Nov 1930son of Henry and Mary
BLOUCH, Agnes S. (Walmer)14 Jul 186230 Sep 1941wife of Adam
BLOUCH, Augustus W.3 Aug 188917 Sep 1889son of Adam and Agnes
BLOUCH, Emma26 Oct 185113 Feb 1854dau of Henry and Mary
BLOUCH, Hiram31 May 184629 Apr 1847son of Henry and Mary
BLOUCH, Lloyd R.12 May 190416 Jun 1904son of Oliver and Emma
BLOUCH, Mary30 Jun 18185 Apr 1890wife of Henry C. Blouch
BLOUCH, Sarah A.12 Aug 185921 Jan 1868dau of Henry and Mary
BOGER, David7 Aug 18086 Mar 1887 
BOGER, Rosanna (Miller)14 Apr 180410 Aug 1884wife of David
BOGER, Malinda14 Nov 183020 Jun 1884dau of David and Rosanna
BOGER, David 7 Jul 1850son of David and Rosanna
BORDLEMAY, Bertha A. (Snavely)4 Jun 19143 Dec 1983wife of Harry
BORDLEMAY, Harry W.15 Jul 191323 Nov 1998 
BROWN, Kate (Sherk)4 Apr 182416 Oct 1881wife of Dr. J.W. Brown
DEININGER, Amos23 Aug 188928 Sep 1889son of Samuel and Elizabeth
DEININGER, Elizabeth (Reist)4 Jun 186216 Mar 1929wife of Samuel B.
DEININGER, Harvey30 Jan 188123 Dec 1904son of Samuel and Elizabeth
DEININGER, Lydia (Blauch)3 Jan 18324 Jul 1866mother of Samuel B.
DEININGER, Lydia28 Jul 188828 Aug 1888dau of Samuel and Elizabeth
DEININGER, Samuel19 Oct 188728 Jan 1909son of Samuel and Elizabeth
DEININGER, Samuel B.4 Jan 18548 Mar 1918son of Lydia
DEININGER, William3 Apr 187912 Mar 1890son of Samuel and Elizabeth
FOCHT, Andrew3 Oct 18311 Nov 1845 
FOSTER, Gerald R. “Jack”28 Mar 194530 Jul 1999 
FUNCK, Kenneth P.19391988 
GAMBLE, Frances (Stauffer)31 Oct 182820 Nov 1895 
GAMBLE, Annie Mary5 May 18558 Jul 1879dau of Frances
GETZ, John M. 1 Feb 1977infant son
GETZ, Keith Brown12 May 196810 Apr 1977 
GINGRICH, Cartharine (Miller)9 Dec 179711 Feb 1873wife of Jacob
GINGRICH, Catharina4 Mar 178411 Mar 1862wife of Henry
GINGRICH, Elizabeth4 Oct 180726 Sep 1849wife of John
GINGRICH, George S.30 Jul 184231 May 1862son of John and Elizabeth (GAR)
GINGRICH, Jacob P.12 May 179521 Mar 1881 
GINGRICH, John13 Mar 18119 Oct 1891 
GINGRICH, Margaret (Clark)3 Feb 179730 Apr 1876wife of Peter
GINGRICH, Mary 21 Jan 1867dau of Henry and Amanda
GINGRICH, Peter13 Sep 178822 Jun 1869 
HARTMAN, John D.22 Mar 19196 Apr 2004husband of Doris
HEILMAN, Jacob7 Feb 180020 Apr 1861 
HEILMAN, Elisabeth8 Nov 179921 Dec 1862wife of Jacob
HIRONS, Adam6 Apr 19847 Apr 1984 
HITZ, Ammon K.20 Feb 18981 Dec 1977 
HITZ, Annetta J. (Weierbach)16 Jul 192913 Dec 1993wife of Paul
HITZ, Leah C. (Sattazahn)21 Sep 190025 Sep 1979wife of Ammon
HITZ, Lloyd E.15 Mar 193410 Jan 1997USAF A2C
HITZ, Lorna Leah17 Jul 196429 Nov 1964 
KENNEDY, Tommie Marie 16 Dec 1987twin daughter
KLINE, Joseph1 Jan 180015 Jul 1858 
LENICH, Mary Ann (Turbin)6 Aug 18506 Oct 1894wife of Cyrus
LIGHT, Amelia4 Jan 184718 Dec 1905dau of Benjamin and Lydia
LIGHT, Benjamin3 Aug 181626 Apr 1896 
LIGHT, Daniel25 Jun 185927 Apr 1861son of Benjamin and Lydia
LIGHT, Ezra13 Dec 184330 Jan 1847son of Benjamin and Lydia
LIGHT, Harriet (Barto)11 Nov 18152 Feb 1902wife of Martin
LIGHT, Harry Moses7 Oct 1879Feb 1889son of Adam and Ellen
LIGHT, Lydia A. (Heilman)10 Apr 182224 Nov 1905wife of Benjamin
LIGHT, Mary24 Nov 18449 Feb 1889dau of Martin and Harriet
LIGHTNER, Adam13 Nov 18504 Oct 1855son of Daniel and Rebecca
LIGHTNER, Adam4 Nov 1899 son of Levi and Lizzie
LONG, Barbara19 Mar 18743 Aug 1879dau of Amos and Eliza
MARK, Aaron5 Jan 18441 Sep 1844son of David and Mary
MARK, Albert18 Oct 185312 Aug 1854son of David and Mary
MARK, Amos19 Aug 18512 Oct 1851son of David and Mary
MARK, Cyrus11 Nov 184223 Jul 1867son of David and Mary (GAR)
MARK, David A.23 Feb 181816 Oct 1900 
MARK, Hiram S.13 Apr 184720 Aug 1850son of David and Mary
MARK, John A.7 Sep 181125 Apr 1862 
MARK, Mary A. (Seltzer)27 Jan 18189 Feb 1902wife of David A.
MARK, Roseann (Strayer)22 Aug 18162 Jun 1898wife of John A.
MARK, Tacy Ann4 Oct 1852(illegible)dau of David and Mary
MILLER, John H.24 Mar 189826 Jan 1997son of Elias
MILLER, Anna R. (Sponsler)31 May 190426 Dec 1955wife of John H.
MUTEK, Frank V.11 Jan 195025 Oct 1952son of Vendel and Dorothy
MUTEK, Vendel Joseph25 Sep 19146 Feb 1994WW II Pfc US Army
NEIDIG, Beatrice V. (Hummer)6 Sep 19392 Feb 2006wife of Monroe
SATTAZAHN, Louisa (Blauch)9 Dec 181711 Mar 1877wife of Aaron
SELTZER, Elisabeth16 Nov 178310 Oct 1852wife of Michael
SELTZER, Hiram1 Jun 18314 Sep 1832son of Michael and Elisabeth
SELTZER, Joseph18 Jun 182912 Aug 1830son of Michael and Elisabeth
SELTZER, Michael17 Sep 178017 Oct 1863War of 1812
SELTZER, Moses H.7 May 189021 Sep 1890son of Henry and Lydia
SHERK, Abraham17 Apr 17997 Sep 1870father of Kate Sherk Brown
SHIRK, Elizabeth13 Dec 182629 Jun 1856wife of Samuel E.
SMITH, Minnie M. (Blouch)18871960wife of John
SNAVELY, Helen L. (McNeal)26 Apr 192128 Feb 2005wife of D. Zearfoss, wife of Jacob
SNAVELY, Jacob L.16 Mar 192114 Oct 1989WWII AAF
SNAVELY, Robert A.19481967Vietnam 327th Inf, KIA
WENTLING, Gertrude J. (Blouch)18951988wife of Archibald
WOOMER, Carrie25 Aug 18681 Mar 1879dau of David and Maria
ZEARFOSS, Dawson G.19131953husband of Helen McNeal
ZEHRING, Ella E. (Barr)18931977dau of Edward, wife of William
ZEHRING, William H.18841969 


This transcription originally appeared online at http://northann.brokenclaw.net/gen/cemetery-ww which is no longer online. It has been added here in order that the transcription not be lost.

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