Divorces Granted by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania from December, 1785, until 1801

These records are an extraction from Pennsylvania Supreme Court records of the divorces granted under its’ authority from 1785-1801. I am not certain why the original transcription did not include divorces between 1801 and 1804, the time in which it still held responsibility for granting such. The original publication within the manuscript did not have any accompanying text to the actual records themselves. The order is as found within the original article.

Book of Ephraim Douglass, Quartermaster 1776

Ephraim Douglass ledger books, 1769-1790

The Ephraim Douglass Ledgers present a record of business and military activities undertaken by Ephraim Douglass in Western Pennsylvania. The information contained within dates primarily from the 1770s and illuminates aspects of life in Western Pennsylvania during the Revolutionary War era. The ledgers reveal the foods, household items, and services in demand by colonists on what was, at the time, the western frontier. Douglass and his associates have meticulously recorded details of the transactions.

Obituaries Of Pennsylvania Revolutionary Veterans

Fuller details may be found in the issues of the press cited. See also more comprehensive copy of in “Collections of the Genealogical Society” ARMSTRONG At Carlise, Gen. John A. Armstrong, the gallant defender of Fort Moultrie – Independent Chronicle, 30 March, 1795 BARKER Near Smyrna, Joseph Barker, Esq, of Delaware, formerly of Pittsburg; served …

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Mid-Atlantic states to the Northwest Territory

Migration Routes from Pennsylvania to Virginia

Ever wonder how those long-ago ancestors decided where to live in the New World? The following information on Pennsylvania migration routes was posted on the web. A newsgroup posting stated that the author and compiler was moving and had to remove it. Permission to repost was graciously provided. Read and enjoy! Compiled and written by …

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Map of the Discovery of the U.S. Coast And Geodetic Survey

Early Events in the Settlement of the Atlantic Coast

Early events in the settlement of the Atlantic coast are here briefly related for the purpose of comparison of dates, in order that the reader may properly place the first settlement of what later became Chester County among other movements of the kind. The first settlement in Virginia was made at Jamestown in 1607, and …

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