Obituaries Of Pennsylvania Revolutionary Veterans

Fuller details may be found in the issues of the press cited. See also more comprehensive copy of in “Collections of the Genealogical Society”

  • ARMSTRONG At Carlise, Gen. John A. Armstrong, the gallant defender of Fort Moultrie – Independent Chronicle, 30 March, 1795
  • BARKER Near Smyrna, Joseph Barker, Esq, of Delaware, formerly of Pittsburg; served as officer of artillery during revolution – American Traveler, 12 July, 1825
  • BARKER In Philadelphia, Major Gen. John Barker, aged 72 years
  • BARNEY In Pittsburg, Commodore Joshua Barney, aged 60 years; a hero of two wars by sea and land; wounded at Bladensburg – Ibid., 16 Dec. 1818
  • BARRY At Philadelphia, Commodore John Barry. To his valor was owed much of the honor acquired on the seas during the revolution – Massachusetts Spy & Worcester Gazette, 21 Sept. 1803
  • BAXTER In Mercer, Capt. Benjamin Baxter, aged 74 years, revolutionary soldier and pensioner – American Traveler, 8, Nov. 1831
  • BAYARD In Pittsburg, Col. Stephen Bayard, aged 67 years, an officer in American army during whole of Revolutinary War. – Boston Recorder, 10 January, 1816,Columbian Centinel, same date
  • BENNETT In Philadelphia, 25 May, Capt. Matthew Bennett, aged 51 years, late of Continental Army – Columbia Centinel, 9 June, 1792
  • BERTZ Near Harrisburg, 15 ult., Mr. Peter Betz, aged about 90 years, Served as drummer throughout the revolution – Boston Advertiser and Patriot, 2 Oct. 1847
  • BLACKMAN At Hanover, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania, 4th inst. Elizzas Blackman, aged 85 years, 7 months; the last survior of the massacre of Wyoming. A Highly respectable citizen – Boston Advertiser, 17 Dec., 1845; Boston Post, 18 Dec., 1845
  • BOWER In Womelsdorf, Penna., Gen. Jacob Bower, aged 61 years; a hero of the revolution(further details may be found in the issues of the press cited, See also more comprehensive copy of in “Collections of the Genealogical Society”) – Columbian Centinel, 22 Aug., 1818
  • BOWEN In Bucks County, Penna., Mr. James Bowen, aged 83 years. At battle of Brandywine and at surrender of Cornwallis (details in “Collections of the Genealogical Society” – Vermont Phoenix, 23 Oct., 1835
  • BOWMAN at Wilkesbarre, Penna., Capt. Samuel Bowman (details in Collections of The Genealogical Society”), considerably advanced in years; was from Lexington, Mass. where he was born. He was in the battle there; also at capture of Burgoyne and at Kingsbridge. One of two officers who led, arm in arm, the unfortunate Andre to execution. He confirmed many of the anecdotes connected with the execution, the amiable character and intrepit deportment of Andre – Boston, Patriot & Chronicle, 15 July, 1818, Columbian Centinel, 11 July, and 15 July, 1818
  • BROADHEAD In Pennsylvania, Capt. Luke Broadhead; was in 1st Pa. Rifle Regiment, which marched to Boston in 1775 – Independent Chronicle, 10 July, 1806
  • BROWN At Kittanning, Penna., Mr. James Brown (details in “The Collections of the Genealogical Society”) aged 88 years. Served 3 years and 6 months, in the revolution – Boston Transcript, 22 Nov. 1830
  • BROWN At Pittsburg, Penna., Mr. Peter Brown, aged 109 years Came to this county from France with General Lafayette, and remained in the army during the revolution – Portland Maine Advertiser, 14 July, 1843
  • BUCKNER In Braynefield, Penna. Capt. George Buckner, an officer of the Revolutionary army; Jackson Elector for the District – American Traveler, 3 Dec. 1828
  • BUDD At Bedford, Penna., Gen. Benjamin Budd and Mrs. Rebecca his wife. Gen. Budd was in 1775 a volunteer in Col. Thompson’s regiment near Boston, and was appointed a lieutenant – Columbian Centinel, 22, Oct., 1823
  • CLAYPOOL In Philadelphia, Abraham G. Claypoole, Esq., an officer in the Revolution – American Traveler, 23 Feb. 1827
  • COCHRAN In Philadelphia, Dr. John Cochran, aged 78 years. Director of Military Hospital during the Revolution – Independent Chronicle, 20 April, 1807
  • COGGSWELL At Lansingburgh, Penna., Capt. Samuel Cogswell, of the late army. Death was accidental – Ibid 9 Sept., 1790
  • COLDWATER In Philadelphia, Philip Coldwater, aged 74 years. A soldier of the Revolution – Independent Chronicle & Boston Patriot, 28, January, 1829
  • CRAWFORD At Chambersburg, Penna., Col. Joseph Crawford, aged 83 years, of the Continental Army, a native of Ireland – Boston Patriot & Chronicle, 23 Jan., 1819
  • DALE In Philadelphia, Commodore Richard Dale, in 70th year; a distinguished navel officer of the Revolutionary war – Woodstock Vermont Observer, 14 March, 1826
  • DE BRETIGNY In Philadelphia, Marquis de Bretigny, who served with reputation in the Revolution – Independent Chronicle 27 June, 1793
  • DECATUR At Frankfort, near Philadelphia, Captain Stephen Decatur Sr., a patriot of ’76 – Portland Maine Gazette, 28 Nov. 1800 (not sure of date cause its hard to read)
  • EICHELBURGER In Harrisburg, Penna., George Eichelburger, aged 80 years Served in Revolution; placed on pension roll a few weeks ago – Boston Advertiser & Patriot, 26 Dec. 1832
  • EVANS In Vincent Township, Chester Co., Mr. James Evans in 95th year. Sergeant in Capt. Thomas’s co. Three military tours in Revolutionary was; was at Brandywine Columbian Centinel, 1 April, 1820
  • FINDLAY, In Greensburg, Pa. Hon. William Findlay, a hero of the Revolution and many years a member of Congress. Portland Maine Gazette, 17 April 1821; Rutland Vermont Herald, 1 May, 1821
  • FINLEY At South Huntington, Pa. Andrew Finley, aged 79 years One of remaining few who had command from Washington in regular service in revolution, Independent Chronicle & Boston Patriot, 8 Aug. 1829
  • FRENCH At Wells, Tioga Co., Pa. 26 December, Mr Peter French aged 80 years. Resident in Vermont during Revolution, and was enrolled among the minute men, Boston Advertiser & Patriot, 2 Feb. 1842
  • FRICK In Alsace Township, Pa. Mr. Godfred Frick, a native of Germany, Soldier of Revolution, age 101 years. Six children, forty grandchildren, forty-five great grand children, Boston Advertiser, 15 Aug. 1823
  • GEYER In Philadelphia, Co. Alexander Geyer, a native of Germany, who commanded a rifle corps in the revolution. Columbian Centinel, 4 March, 1812
  • HEHMAN In Philadelphia, Dr. John Hehman; regimental surgeon in Revolutionary army, Ibid, 15 Sept. 1819
  • HELL At Walnut Town., Berks Co. Pa., Jacob Hell, aged 82 years, Revolutionary soldier, Boston Post, 1 March. 1845
  • HESSER At Orwingsburg, Schuylkil Co., Pa. 22 ult., Mr. Frederick Hesser, aged 85 years. Actively engaged on shipboard during Revolution. Was with Commodore Barry in hard fought battle off Capes of Delaware between ship Huyder Ali and Monk, Boston Advertiser, 2 July, 1846
  • HOLTZ In Philadelphia, of pleurisy, aged 57, Capt. Samuel Holt formerly of New London, an officer in the army and navy of United States during the Revolution, Boston Patriot & Cronicle, 12 May, 1818
  • IRVINE In Philadelphia, Gen. James Irvine, aged 84, Columbian Centinel, 5 May, 1819
  • JACKSON In Philadelphia, Mayor William Jackson. Held commission in Revolutionary army at age of sixteen. Aide de camp to Major General Lincoln. Taken prisoner in 1780; secretary of Legation to Court of France; Secretary of Constitutional Convention, preserved full private notes of proceedings, Patriot & Independent Chronicle, 3 Jan.1829
  • JOHNSTON In Philadelphia, Col. Francis Johnston, a hero and Patriot of the Washington school, Columbian Centinel, 4 March.1815
  • JONES In Chester County, Pa., Rev. David Jones, chaplain in Revolutionary army and in late war-Ibid, 16 Feb. 1820
  • KING At Huntington, Pa. Mr. Alexander King, age 75 years. Native of Ireland. Emigrated to this county 1773 or 1774. Entered American Army, and was in principal battles of the Revolution, American Traveler, 8 Sept, 1826
  • KOLLOCK aged 88 years, an officer in the Revolutionary Army, Boston Advertiser & Patriot, 5 Aug. 1839
  • LEE At Hanover, Pa., Capt. Andrew Lee, aged 82 years. Served as volunteer in Braddock’s army. In 1775 entered Rev. army; accompanied Gen. Montgomery on expedition to Canada; taken prisoner and kept in captivity two years. Later appointed to command a company of light troops. Severely wounded in battle of Springfield, New Jersey, Portland Maine Gazette, 24 July, 1821
  • LEECH In Philadelphia, Mr. Jacob Leech, aged 75 years, an officer in the Revolution, Independent Chronicle 20 Aug. 1814
  • LUDWICK In Philadelphia, Mr. Christopher Ludwick, aged 80 years Principal baker for army during the Revolution, Ibid 6 July, 1801
  • MAAG In Philadelphia, Mr. Henry Maag, a Revolutionary soldier, aged 81 years, Boston Advertiser & Patriot, 22 Oct. 1834
  • MALCOLM In Pennsylvania, Dr. Henry Malcolm, aged 76 years, a surgeon of the Revolution, Boston Advertiser, 30 April 1831, Boston Transcript, same date
  • MERKLE At Harrisburg, Pa., Mr. Barney Merkle, painter, in 65th year. Veteran of Revolution. Gunner on Huyder Ali at capture of General Monk by Commodore Barry, Boston Patriot 22 Nov. 1820
  • MILLARD In Philadelphia, Capt. Thomas Millard, aged 67 years; Revolutionary patriot, Columbian Centinel, 19 Aug.,1818
  • MILLER At Carlisle, Pa. Major General Henry Miller, a distinguished officer of the Revolution, Boston Recorder 17 April, 1824
  • MITCHELL At Juniata, Pa., Major General Daniel Mitchell. In active service throughout Revolution. Soldier in Bouquet’s campaign in 1764; many years in State Legislature; twice Presidential elector, Columbian Centinel, 13 June 1818, Boston Patriot & Chronicle, 15 June, 1818
  • MOORE In Philadelphia, Col. Thomas Moore, patriot and hero of Revolution, Columbian Centinel, 8 Sept. 1813
  • MORGAN In Pennsylvania, Gen. John Morgan, a soldier of the Revolution, Columbian Centinel, 7 May, 1817
  • MOSHER In Lancaster, Pa. Brigadier General Jeremiah Mosher, age 77 years, a native of Roxbury, Mass, served under Arnold against Quebec, Boston Advertiser, 24 Mar, Boston Recorder, 24 March, 1830
  • NEVILLE In Pennsylvania, Gen. Presley Neville, aged 63 years, formerly an aide de camp to Marquis Lafayette. At Trenton, Princeton, Germantown, and Monmouth, Columbian Centinel, 6 Jan. 1819
  • NICHOLAS In Philadelphia, Major Samuel Nicholas of late American army, Independent Chronicle, 9 Sept. 1790
  • PERES In Philadelphia, Sunday morning last, after illness of twenty four hours, Dr. Peter Peres, of Revolutionary army, aged 79 years, 11 months, Boston Advertiser, 19 Aug. 1825
  • PRESTON In Philadelphia, Mr. William Preston, aged 78 years an active officer of the Revolution, Columbian Centinel 8 Feb., 1815
  • RODES In Philadelphia, 5 inst., Mrs. Catherine Rodes, widow of Mark Rodes, Revolutionary soldier, Boston Advertiser 11 Nov. 1854
  • RORER In Frankford, Pa. George Rorer, Revolutionary soldier, Boston Advertiser & Patriot, 2 Aug. 1834
  • ROSS In Wayne, Pa. 4 July, William Ross, soldier of the Revolution and at St. Clair’s defeat, American Traveler, 11 Aug. 1826
  • ST. CLAIR Near Gettysburg, Pa. 31 Sug. 1818, Gen. Arthur St. Clair Patriot & Chronicle, 14 Sept, 1818
  • SCHUPP In Philadelphia, Col. Henry Schupp in 66 year. Entered as private, German regiment commanded by Col. Nicholas Housaker, attached to Pennsylvania Line in the Revolution. Appointed adjutant, Fought at Trenton, Brandywine, Germantown, etc. Boston Patriot, 16 Apr. 1821
  • SIMLER In Philadelphia, John Henry Simler, a soldier of the Revolution. Served as dragoon in Capt. Burt’s corps of First Troop of Light Dragoons, Free Legion, under command of Col. Armand, Indepent Chronicle & Boston Patriot, 4 Nov. 1829
  • SNYDER In Lancaster County, Pa. Mr. Andrew Snyder, aged 112 years, a soldier of the Revolution, Boston Advertiser 14, Nov. 1845
  • SPEAR In Springfield, Bradford County, Pa. 12 Dec. 1837,….. Spear, aged 73 years, soldier of Revolution, Evangelical Magazine, Utica, N.Y. 16 Feb. 1838
  • STAKE In Pennsylvania, Capt. Jacob Stake, aged 45 years, an officer in Revolution, Independent Chronicle, 16 July, 1801
  • STOREY At Burleigh, Pa. John Storey, Esq. native of Boston; officer in Revolution, Ibid, 7 July, 1791
  • SUTHERLAND In Philadelphia, Mr. Daniel Sutherland, a patriot of the Revolution, aged 76 years, Boston Advertiser, 25 Aug. 1820, also Boston Patriot.
  • SWAINE In Reading, Pa. Major General Francis Swaine, a patriot of the Revolution, aged 57 years, Columbian Centinel, 1 July, 1820
  • TANNEHILL In Pittsburgh, 23 ult. General Adamson Tannehill, a soldier of the Revolution, Boston Advertiser, 13 Jan., 1821
  • THOMPSON In Philadelphia, Col. Benjamin Thompson, a Revolutionary officer, Portland Maine Gazette, 13 April, 1807
  • THOMPSON In Pennsylvania, on 16th inst., the venerable Charles Thompson, aged 95 years. A patriot of the Revolution, during which he was sole secretary of Congress, Boston Recorder, 28 Aug. 1824
  • TURNER In Philadelphia, on 17th inst., Hon. George Turner, aged 93 years. Native of England; joined the American Army at outbreak of Revolutin; was a captain in service in South Carolina; in battle at “The Slaughter Pens”, Boston Advertiser & Patriot, 23 March 1843
  • TURNER In Philadelphia, Patrick Turner, a soldier of the Revolution, American Traveler, 23 Feb. 1827
  • WALLACE Philadelphia Chronicle mentions John Wallace, born 18 March, 1730, as still living; attached to Pennsylvania Line in Revolution, New Hampshire Telegraph, 27 Oct.,1832
  • WHIPPLE In Philadelphia, 5th inst., Capt. John Whipple, aged 81 years. Born at Danvers, 1776; a son of Capt. Job Whipple who was wounded at Bennington fight in regiment of his uncle Col. William Whipple, one of signers of Declaration of Independence, Boston Advertiser, 22 Jan. 1857
  • WILLIS In Philadelphia, Col. Thomas Willis, an officer of militia in Revolution, Independent Chronicle, 17 Feb., 1806
  • YOHE In Philadelphia, Mr. George Yohe, aged 84 years, a soldier of the Revolution, Boston Advertiser & Patriot 21 Jan. 1839

Source: Newspaper Files 1790 to 1855, Pennsylvania Archives – Series 2.

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  1. Hi, This amazing listing of obits contains one: MOORE In Philadelphia, Col. Thomas Moore, patriot and hero of Revolution, Columbian Centinel, 8 Sept. 1813.
    I am trying to find this issue of the Centinel — can someone in your group help? Thanks so much! Lee Hudson

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