Sample PA 1938 Birth Certificate

1857-1906 Delayed Birth Index for Chester County Pennsylvania

A person whose birth was not recorded or who wished to correct a birth register entry could file a delayed birth record. These records began in 1941, but cover births for the 1893-1907 period (some are earlier). Married women are indexed under both maiden and married names.

The following information may be found in a delayed birth record:

  1. Place and date of birth, including name of hospital.
  2. Full name of applicant.
  3. Sex.
  4. Whether a twin or other plural birth.
  5. Whether the birth was legitimate.
  6. Color or race of parents.
  7. Birthplaces of parents and their ages at birth of applicant.
  8. Occupations of parents.
  9. Occupation of applicant.
  10. Residence of parents, if living and known.
  11. Maiden name of mother.
  12. Number of children of this mother, if known.
  13. Number of children of this mother living at time of application, if known.

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1857-1906 Delayed Birth Index for Chester County Pennsylvania

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