Mid-Atlantic states to the Northwest Territory

Migration Routes from Pennsylvania to Virginia

Ever wonder how those long-ago ancestors decided where to live in the New World? The following information on Pennsylvania migration routes was posted on the web. A newsgroup posting stated that the author and compiler was moving and had to remove it. Permission to repost was graciously provided. Read and enjoy! Compiled and written by Virginia Phillips . Edited by J. William Cupp. Thanks for your great work! My husband has recently found ancestors who came from Germany in the mid-1700s, arriving in Pennsylvania, stayed a while then went to Pendleton County, Virginia. One of the men eventually returned to […]

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Map of the Discovery of the U.S. Coast And Geodetic Survey

Early Events in the Settlement of the Atlantic Coast

Early events in the settlement of the Atlantic coast are here briefly related for the purpose of comparison of dates, in order that the reader may properly place the first settlement of what later became Chester County among other movements of the kind. The first settlement in Virginia was made at Jamestown in 1607, and in 1609 the famous navigator, Henry Hudson, an Englishman in the service of the Dutch East India Company, discovered the great river which has, for most of the time since then, borne his name, and which at other times has been, or rather was called,

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