Emilie, Pennsylvania

How did Emilie, Pennsylvania get its name? This page provides a brief history about the naming of Emilie, Pennsylvania, the people who settled it, and the industry rising within it.

Emilie is a village in northeastern Bristol Township on the Newportville Road. Hugh B. Eastburn, Esq., of Bristol, Pa., states that the early name of this village was Centerville, as shown on a map of Bristol Township by J. C. Sidney (about 1845), in his possession. The post office established there August 1, 1856, with Jared Hellings as first post-master, has been discontinued and mail is now supplied by Bristol rural delivery. The celebrated Bolton Farm is near Emilie. Something about the origin of this farm and its appearance a century ago is found in a letter to the Bucks County Intelligencer, dated August 30, 1830. The correspondent says: “We had an opportunity of spending a few moments at Bolton Farm. The name was given to this estate, and also to one adjoining called Wigan, by the original proprietors, who were from the towns of those names in Lancashire, Eng. It contains upwards of 500 acres of first quality land and lays about two miles north of Tullytown on the Trenton and Philadelphia Turnpike and is bounded by the Philadelphia and Trenton road via Newport. There is a gradual ascent in going to it from the turnpike, and the buildings stand upon an eminence which commands a most delightful prospect. Penns Manor, for several miles in extent, is presented to the eye, richly interspersed with rich and substantial houses, highly cultivated farms and richly wooded dales.” The origin of the name Emilie has been difficult to determine. There was an Emilie School District in Bristol Township and it is quite likely when the post office was established, Centerville not being available, the office and village took the name of the school district, which in turn may have been named for a popular woman teacher of the school.


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