Zimmerman Family Bible


Magdalena Catherine Elizabeth ZIMMERMAN

Born December the 10th 1856. In The Borough of Pine Grove. Schuylkill County Pennsylvania.

And was Baptized on the 1st of January 1857.

By Mr. HENRY .  Her Godmother was Magdalena LEVENGOOD.

Her Father was —— Edward ZIMMERMAN.

Her Mother was —– Sara Elizabeth ZIMMERMAN.

Josephine Alice ZIMMERMAN daughter of Edward ZIMMERMAN and Sarah his wife was born January 17th in the year of our Lord 1861, was baptized by the 31st of March 1861 by the Rev. CROUMMER.

Her Godmother was Magdalena LEVANGOOD.


Edward ZIMMERMAN & Sarah E. BOON Daughter of (G. E. BOON) were united in the bonds of Matrimony the 2nd Sept in the year of our Lord 1854 by the Rev. Mr. Simon NOLL.


Edward ZIMMERMAN was born 9th of Jan 1830 in the year of our Lord, and was baptized.  His Parents names “John ZIMMERMAN and Catharine his wife.

Sarah E. BOON was born the 14th day of Sept 1835 in the year of our Lord and was Baptized 24th day of Oct 1835 by the Rev. Mr. GILBERT.  J. B. LEVENGOOD and Elizabeth his wife — Her Parents name were George BOON and Elizabeth LEVENGOOD.


Mahlon FABER


Josephine Alice ZIMMERMAN

were united in the bonds of matrimony by E. S. HENRY in the year of our Lord March 1st 1879.

Mahlon FABER was born July 30th 1857.

Edward Harry FABER was born July 31st 1879.  Baptised Oct. 14th 1879.

Elsie Elizabeth FABER was born March 26th in the year of our lord 1881.  Baptised July 16th 1881.

William Benjamin FABER born January 17th 1883.  Baptised July 24th 1883.


Magdalena Catherine Elizabeth ZIMMERMAN

Died February 26th 1860

her text was Luke 8 Chapter and 52nd verse.

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