How did Kildorpy get its name? This page provides a brief history about the naming of Kildorpy and the people who settled it.

An alleged Indian town in Falls Township which may be purely mythical. There is some evidence to show that Charles I of England granted an extensive territory in America, embracing in part the whole of the Delaware Valley, to Sir Edmund Plowden, between 1623 and 1634, and that Plowden contemplated settling a colony of 300 adventurers on the Delaware. A fanciful history of this colony of New Albion and the Albion Knights, published in 1648, contains a letter from one Master Robert Evelin, who mentions an Indian town of Kildorpy at the Falls, with its “clear fields to plant and sow, and near it are sweet large meads of clover and honeysuckle.” Nothing else is known about it.


MacReynolds, George. Place Names in Bucks County Pennsylvania, 2nd Edition. Doylestown, PA: The Bucks County Historical Society, 1955.

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