Hilltown, Pennsylvania

How did Hilltown, Pennsylvania get it’s name? This page provides a brief history about the naming of Hilltown, Pennsylvania, the people who settled it, and the industry rising within it.

Village in central southeastern Hilltown Township on the old Hilltown and Line Lexington Turnpike (Route 919). The stages from Line Lexington to Applebachsville formerly passed through the village. The post office, established on September 27, 1817, with Elisha Lunn as the first postmaster, is one of the oldest in the county. Hershey’s Directory states that in 1871, the village contained a store, hotel, blacksmith, and wheelwright shops, and seven or eight dwelling houses. For a time, the village was known as Mount Pleasant, and during this period, a half-mile track was laid out by Noah Stever, a horse fancier and dealer. The harness races were well attended until 1916 when the track was closed. The Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart was founded in Hilltown on April 17, 1919, with the boundaries of the parish encompassing practically all of Hilltown Township and parts of Bedminster, New Britain, and Plumstead.


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