Frog Hollow, Pennsylvania

How did Frog Hollow, Pennsylvania get it’s name? This page provides a brief history about the naming of Frog Hollow, Pennsylvania, the people who settled it, and the industry rising within it.

Name given to a portion of Little Neshaminy Valley in southwestern Warrington Township, in which there are several houses and a hotel. The power house of the former Willow Grove and Doylestown trolley line of the Philadelphia Rapid Transit Company was located there near the stone arch bridge on Doylestown and Willow Grove Turnpike Road (Route 611). This bridge was built in 1821 and replaced another bridge erected before 1795. The Frog Hollow Hotel is one of the old inns of the county. For many years its landlord was Mahlon Keller, a brother of County Commissioner Samuel Keller. The valley at this point is sometimes known as Paul Valley, from a family who owned much property there, but the popular name of Frog Hollow still clings to the place. A colored resident, asked how the place came by its name, replied: “Dunno huccom, but, Man Alive, dem frawgs, dey sho’ do hollah nites.”


MacReynolds, George. Place Names in Bucks County Pennsylvania, 2nd Edition. Doylestown, PA: The Bucks County Historical Society, 1955.

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