Babytown, Pennsylvania

How did Babytown, Pennsylvania get it’s name? This page provides a brief history about the naming of Babytown, Pennsylvania, the people who settled it, and the industry rising within it.

A group of four or five houses on the Bristol Road in Warminster Township, a short distance below Hartsville. The only description of Babytown available is that of a Civil War veteran who in 1904 toured Warminster on foot after an absence of fifty years and made this note:

“After walking about a mile I came to a small village. Although I had never been in it, I knew by what I read in the newspapers it was ‘Babytown.’ I was somewhat disappointed, as I expected to see a woman sitting on every doorstep with a half dozen children around her. I saw but one ‘kid,’ and that was making noise enough to make up for what was missing.”


MacReynolds, George. Place Names in Bucks County Pennsylvania, 2nd Edition. Doylestown, PA: The Bucks County Historical Society, 1955.

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